What Is The Problem With Gel-Infused Mattresses?

Considering the many benefits of a gel memory foam mattress, several pros and drawbacks of sleeping on one will be covered. This article will discuss a few of the most common issues with modern gel foam mattresses.

The Effect Could Wear Off Quickly

The chemicals used to make a mattress may change whether or not its initial benefits wear off over time, including gel mattresses. You may test the efficacy of the gel by leaving it on overnight. Temperatures might rise during nocturnal sessions if the material is very porous. Studies reveal that this gel’s effectiveness may be diminished if not stored at a cold temperature.


A mattress with gel layers will often cost significantly more than a memory foam mattress. Uncertainty among buyers is possible if they see advertisements implying that somehow a product uses cutting-edge technology when it employs outdated materials. Compared to comparable mattresses that cost far less, the benefits don’t add up to the higher price tag. Established makers of memory foam frequently charge astronomical prices, which might be off-putting to potential buyers. A mattress’s effectiveness is often proportional to its cost, with few exceptions. If you’re looking for a mattress that will last a long time, provide a lot of support, and feel great, look no further than a memory foam mattress.


Despite popular belief, chemically synthesized foam mattresses provide only a bit more support than conventional memory foam. An adjustable mattress is the best option for individuals who suffer from back, especially stomach problems, but it may be too firm for those who weigh less or who like to sleep on their side. Since both kinds of foam eventually sink, this might be a concern for those of shorter stature. Many people would love the opportunity to sleep in what looks like a cloud.


You may use the gel as nothing more than a mattress topper or mix it with additional soft materials like memory foam to create a gel mattress. The memory foam is still pressure-alleviating and body-conforming despite its reduced thickness, and the gel absorption makes sleeping during the warmest summer evenings bearable. Memory foam is hefty, which is a problem for some consumers. Thankfully, they hardly ever go in the other direction. After the package, you may discover that it needs to be lighter to handle.

It Might Make It Look Unique

Because once heated, the foam swells. Although gel mattresses might not always hold their shape as effectively as you’d want in scorching climates, it’s fantastic to see how the technology has progressed. Numerous foams, memory foam particularly, compress noticeably whenever they touch human skin. Somewhat more being used to chill the bedroom as well as the mattress, central systems for air conditioning in contemporary homes are typically used to heat these spaces.

With Off-Gassing And A Foul Odor

The last rumor is that it smells up the joint. Because there probably needs to be more airflow in the bedroom. Mattresses are shipped in sealed, compostable boxes nowadays. Once a mattress is unwrapped, it has to air out for at least 48 hours without interruption so that it may return to its natural form.